Radar Automaton has been active in the agro-industry for more than 30 years: we have completed countless projects, accruing extensive sector-specific knowledge in the process.

Our services

When setting up IT projects, Radar can deploy specialists in all aspects of the implementation process. This starts with consulting in the conceptual phase, creating  pilot or  ‘proof of concept’ projects and working out a detailed analysis. In the development phase, Radar Automaton can take care of developing client-specific adjustments and integration with the existing IT environment, as well as delivering sector-specific applications. During the implementation phase, Radar's project managers can train users, guide the integration tests and support  the go-live. Finally, we have an extensive support department that is available 24/7 to assist our clients.  




Our specialists

Thanks to Radar Automation’s  years of experience, our project managers have comprehensive knowledge of specific agro-industrial processes.  This enables them to think along with the client and contribute their expertise to the conceptual phase and detail analysis of large IT projects.

This help is available in functional areas such as risk management, managing the purchase and supply of raw materials and cost calculation. Our specialists also have extensive knowledge of optimisation models and quality management. Finally, they not only have comprehensive knowledge of production processes at factory level, but also of planning and scheduling projects and of central production management of multiple production sites.