Operating in multiple sectors due to specialised knowledge

Over the years, Radar Automation has become specialised in, and accumulated knowledge of, the compound feed sector concerning the optimisation of batch-controlled processes where production recipes are frequently updated. We also have specific knowledge of the management of the ever-changing supply of bulk raw materials from overseas. Recent developments have led to an increased focus and reliance upon commodities futures markets and risk management. Radar Automation has gained extensive experience in this universal problem and expanded its software to include this functionality. The necessary expertise has also been built up in integrated quality control. Other examples of sector-specific knowledge include advanced scheduling, integral traceability follow-up, and cost management per activity and customer.



Many of these specific features are also applicable to other industrial branches. Therefore, we have seen the Operra, Libra and Integra software packages successfully applied in a growing number of companies outside the compound feed industry.

Other agricultural industries, such as the fertiliser sector, seed breeding, oil seed crushing and malting plants are good examples of this. The food industry, which is represented in Radar's customer base by among others, flour mills and oil processing companies, has many similar problems and issues.

Finally, many major energy sector projects have been set up with the Radar Automation software - in particular, for bio fuels and the trade, supply, quality control, shipping and blending of coal.