Independent software solution that delivers flexible and standardized production management


The batch-oriented agro-industrial groups need to make their production procedures more flexible to cope with the increasing demand for customer specific finish products. Integra Production has evolved in recent years to a tool which makes this possible without significantly increasing the administrative burden to organize this. Integra can be installed independent of the process automation system of the plant and in this way standardize on group level the procedures in each plant independent of the type or the generation of the existing automation or IT  system. This standard solution in each plant offers advantages as unified reporting and KPI’s, central reference files management and standardized connection to ERP-systems or Integra Central. There is nowadays more and more exchange of products between different  plants. The standardized MES solution can guaranty in this case an over-all traceability.




Centralized production management software with modules for standardized functions in the plants

Due to the increasing number of acquisitions, consolidations and joint ventures, feed producers are facing more and more the need to integrate in the short time different production plants with different  production software  into their own IT system.  Radar Automation’s Integra software can be the key to this integration process.

In their attempt to standardize and streamline the electronic exchange of data, the major feed groups set up large scale integration projects what makes Integra a constantly evolving product.

The concept of a central layer of the production management software, called Integra Centra, allows the consolidation of the stocks of all the production units and the centralized management of procedures and production rules.

Adding an additional decentralized layer (the Integra Light module) in all the plants, regardless of the production software they use, ensures the harmonization of the functions that regularly change e.g. implementation of control plans, quality control at the intake, delivery note after loading, online calculation of finished product labels, workflow control of the veterinarians’ prescriptions of medicated feed.

Integra is thus the link between your local production systems and your central enterprise management system, and brings at the same time in the plants the necessary harmonization to fulfill the regulations at a reasonable maintenance cost.


Integra 2

Overall production management system integrated with sales administration

Traditionally, in most compound feed companies, administrative software programs are kept separate from the production management systems for the factory automation. Market conditions, however, require increasingly flexible production systems that can handle the delivery of ever-expanding product ranges.

Managers are being forced to look for production methods that provide maximum output per worker, that meet the highest quality standards, and provide full traceability of the raw materials and end-product parties.

These developments require automation solutions that integrate the commercial administrative functions with the production management and combine with the implementation of operational tasks within the factory. We have integrated all of these requirements into the Integra software package. The latest IT technologies, such as advanced scheduling tools, can be added in order to optimise production planning.