Analytics & reporting

Radar Automatons' applications are used for  business critical processes and produce large quantities of data that are crucial for result determination, control objectives and for measuring operational performance. The Analytical module was developed to collect relevant data and guide users in an interactive manner to the specific aggregation and presentation of data that is required at that time.

Using visual Dashboards and extensive reporting options, users can independently calculate key performance indicators (KPIs), carry out data analyses and prepare specific reports without having to consult Radar Automation every time.

As the Analytical module is fully integrated into the global Radar Automation concept, this tool enables companies with complex organisational forms to  swiftly introduce consolidated reporting at group level. The data generated by Radar  can also be combined with data sources that are not managed by Radar in order to conduct data analyses or reports. Naturally, if required, the Analytic tools can be combined with data sources at different (dispersed) locations to supply a single uniform aggregated report or Dashboard.


Analytics Services