Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Maximum flexibility is required from agro-industrial companies both in terms of product range and logistic processing. This results in an increasing number of planning problems both with regard to supplying raw materials, sending end products and production. The APS tool charts these planning schedules, visualises problems that have arisen and helps to adjust production planning to find a better solution. Logistics or production planners can identify bottlenecks and organise planning for maximum achievement of target functions such as ‘Just in Time Delivery’ or ‘Optimum Yield’. The strength of Radar Automation’s APS solution lies in graphically combining planning information on a time scale; supporting planning; processing operational feedback from the process control and alerting Operations if certain constraints cannot be respected or if available resources cannot be utilised optimally.


Advanced Planning


In recent projects, the APS tool was primarily used to optimise production planning. These projects are characterised by more complex production processes with widely varying production recipes, extensive contamination regulations, short lead times and a JIT logic that must be enforced due to a limited number of storage silos on one hand and a large quantity of client-specific products on the other hand.  An APS tool is an essential aid if planning production processes in conjunction with a logistical process and it is necessary to reduce the time that lorries are kept waiting to a minimum.

In addition to scheduling production, it is also necessary to check the availability of raw materials (MRP) in order to plan efficiently. In conjunction with a forecast or production plan, an APS tool can indicate when stock shortages can be anticipated and whether or not stock has fallen below a critical level. It can also zoom in at silo level. The APS tool also facilitates supply planning, so that the right silo gets filled at the right time without queues at the collection point or stock shortages in the factory.

Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling tool (APS) can also be used independently of Radar Automation's basic software packages. The tool can be directly implemented in the client's existing ERP package and/or process control system or MES layer. It does not matter where the data originates from (ERP, MES, XLS, AS400, MS Office,…). Working in line with your requirements, we will find the most efficient integration between the applications in order to achieve the pre-established planning objective.

RADAR does not just supply software: we also have the necessary expertise to analyse your planning problems and you can consult us during the project.