Our approach

If you call in Radar Automation to help with the automation of your plant or your IT system, it is important that you can  tell us what you expect. Therefore the first step will be to make a study outlining a clearly-defined project. From the very outset you will be counselled by consultants who have a full understanding of the sector. Not only will they revise the automation procedures of your plant, they will also analyse the current industrial processes and suggest new ideas wherever possible.




Next they will propose dedicated and pragmatic solutions, based on Radar's standard packages and complemented. The implementation stage will then integrate the parameters required and make the necessary adjustments for size, thus obtaining a result geared to your company's needs. In the process Radar Automation will make sure that the continuity of the standard software is not jeopardized.

The eventual result is a system which will evolve and remain up-to-date even after the initial project is started, for Radar Automation continues to invest in its packages.

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with our customers based on our products, our expertise and our service.