As a consequence of the unification of the international markets the agro-industrial industry faces the same challenges all over the world. Among Radar's clients there are various leading companies from the European ag industry with whom we have established a long-term relationship of co-operation, which we consider to be indispensable if we are to continue on the path of product development and renewal.

Radar Automation's offices at Deinze (Belgium) covers the Belgian, Dutch and German markets. Our second office is located in Brittany in France and gives us access to the compound feed concentration in the west of France. This means that we are firmly established in two of the most intensive livestock regions of Europe and can gear our activities towards more internationalization. Our local clients are obviously the first to benefit from this strategy, as they gain even better support, but another positive consequence of our location is that Radar Automation is particularly well placed to recognize new developments from the very beginning.

***Sinds een aantal jaren hebben onze activiteiten zich ook verder uitgebreid naar gebieden waar de agro-industrie momenteel aan belang wint zoals ZO Azië en Noord-Afrika.***