In the early eighties Radar Automation was set up as an autonomous software division of a leading Belgian premix manufacturer.

Since 1988 Radar Automation has been a company in its own right, whose key activity is the development of vertical automation solutions for the compound feed sector and the first processors of agricultural commodities.




The Feed Industry

In the industrial production of compound feeds a number of industrial processes have very specific characteristics.
In purchasing, to begin with, a vast supply of raw materials is available. They need to be analysed according to a vast array of quality specifications.

Production itself is based on a constantly growing selection of recipes or formulae, which all the time are subject to price changes, quality fluctuations and constraints on supply.




The logistic side of the chain of production is faced with some stiff demands. Raw materials often come from overseas and their supply therefore depends on vessels, warehouses, barges , trains and trucks. The production process itself needs to be constantly adjusted according to available stocks and incoming orders. Finally, the dispatch of the finished products requires the greatest flexibility of planning since the lead times from order placement to delivery tends to shorten all the time.

Lastly food safety has become of paramount importance. The essential conditions for meeting this requirement are the integral traceability of any lot of raw materials as well as the fullest possible quality and safety guarantees.